Chiang Mai Zoo

We visited the Chiang Mai zoo one morning. For a mere 30 Baht, bus line R1 drops you off at the entrance. There is also an aquarium but we opted not to pay the extra money to visit. We are from Seattle and have an excellent aquarium (and an excellent zoo for that matter) so we didn’t really want to pay to see sea life. If you don’t want to walk, you can pay a small fee to ride a tram around the zoo. We chose to walk. You can also pay extra to visit the panda house, as well as a few other displays that I cannot remember.

It was a better zoo than expected, but not quite as nice as the zoo at home. There was an attempt to make the animals’ homes comfortable (natural habitat), but there is room for improvement. I enjoyed the hippos the most. When you said hello to them in Thai, they would open their mouths to beg for food! Come to find out, you can buy hippo food to feed them. Always extra opportunities to spend more Baht!