From Bangkok to Siem Reap

Our Bangkok hotel set up a set-price taxi ride to the airport for us so after we ate breakfast and checked out, our cab was waiting for us. The ride to the airport took around 1/2 hour. Fortunately we were headed out of town rather than in because it was definitely rush hour in Bangkok. The driver dropped us at the terminal 1 and we exchanged our remaining Baht for US dollars at a currency exchange. We had checked in for the flight on-line before leaving Seattle (Air Asia lets you do this a week ahead of your flight). There were long lines for those that had not checked in; a special line was opened up for us to drop our baggage since we had already checked in. We walked our baggage over to an x-ray machine and then headed through a passport check.

We have airport lounge access through one of our credit cards so were able to hang out in the Miracle Lounge in the international terminal until it was close to boarding time. I must say that the lounge amenities were absolutely fabulous. Unlike the pre-packaged snacks found at SeaTac, this lounge had a hot buffet breakfast as well as many delicious looking cakes and pastries, and fresh juices. Too bad we had filled up at our hotel!

We headed to our boarding gate about 20 minutes before it was time to board. This airport has you board a bus that takes you out to your plane. Since the only way to board the plane is by climbing a set of steps, I was curious how they handle handicapped people. The flight was quick and painless and before I even had a chance to finish an episode of one of my Netflix shows, we had landed. During the flight, customs and immigration forms were brought around, as well as visa applications for those that had not pre-arranged a visa. We had printed out the visa forms several months earlier and mailed our passports into the Cambodian embassy in Washington DC so didn’t need to fill out the visa form on the plane. I highly recommend doing this beforehand. Even though you can do a visa upon arrival, those that did had to wait in a very long line. We were able to walk past that line and go right through immigration. We then picked up our luggage, walked through customs, and were out of the building looking for our hotel shuttle tuk-tuk 10 minutes after landing.