Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is actually an archipelago of 104 islands and one of the few ports where we had no excursion booked.  It was virtually impossible to find a tour company that was reputable.  Besides that, there is not much to see.  The main attraction is the Langkawi Cable Car which is located by Oriental Village.  There are also some small boats that you can take for a scenic tour of the islands.  After Clayton’s Dhow experience, I doubt I will be able to talk him into any small boat rides in the foreseeable future!

I figured we could take a cab to Oriental Village and then decide whether or not it was worth it to take the cable car.  I had also heard that they offered fish pedis at Oriental Village, but if you read my post about Phuket, you know that I already had one.  My feet are probably so smooth and soft after being nibbled on yesterday that the fish would just swim past!

Just like Phuket, it is very hot and humid here.  We walked off the ship and found a few cabs lined up nearby.  We told them we wanted a cab to town and they directed us further down the pier.  The pier is fairly long and only one company seems to be allowed to park their taxis near the ship, so if you are visiting here, be prepared to walk a bit in the heat.

When we reached the end of the pier we were inundated with offers of tours.  We kept asking to be taken to town or to Oriental Village (both are quite a distance from the port; nothing at all is within walking distance).  When we told the taxi drivers what we wanted, they walked away from us.  No one would take us!  All of them were trying to find passengers that wanted a full-day island tour.  One guy went as far as walking us half-way to where the taxis were parked (another long walk), but half-way there, changed his mind and told us to keep walking.  He turned around and went back in search of passengers that would pay him more.  We finally reached the taxi area and had the exact same problem.  No one was interested in taking us for a 30-minute drive.

So, what did we do in Langkawi?  I took a few pictures from the pier.  We went back to our cabin to cool off.  We spent a very leisurely day on a practically empty ship!