Siem Reap, Cambodia

We loved our visit to Siem Reap last year so had to come back again for another visit. This time, we skipped the temples of Angkor Wat. They are truly magical, but we try not to visit the exact same place twice. Here is a link to my post from last year (with lots of photos): The Temples of Angkor Wat

In order to reach the temples, you either need to book a tour or hire a tuk-tuk. There are so many tuk-tuks around; more so than anywhere else we have been. But, given the heat, I think booking a tour where you are in an air-conditioned vehicle between temple stops makes the most sense. That way, you have a guide to explain what you are seeing, too.

This time, we just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere of the town. And, I wanted to visit the Apopo Hero Rat Visitor Center. Landmines are a huge issue in Cambodia and these little guys help make the country safer for all. I have a separate post about the Hero Rats: APOPO Visitor Center


Pub Street is where the action is here in town. At night, the place is jumping. There is a night market, and the streets are lined with restaurants and pubs. Beer can be had for 50¢ and food is cheap. Amok is a Cambodia specialty. Try it, you’ll like it! If you are more adventuresome, eat at Bugs Café. What could be better than a “Bug Mac”? You will find people selling all types of insects out on the street. Barbequed scorpion, anyone? Lots of places offer fish pedicures and massage parlors abound.

As is the norm in the places we have visited, something has gotten lost in the translation!


As our trip progresses, we seem to get lazier and lazier. We have seen so many temples and palaces and museums that we don’t want to go out of our way to see any more. Heck, we’re so relaxed that we don’t even need massages as frequently!

Unfortunately, I have picked up an unpleasant bug so we have not done much in Siem Reap other than visiting the APOPO Visitor Center. Good thing there are a few tv channels that are broadcasting in English. And, there is the Rooster Channel – 24/7 broadcasting of cockfighting. What could be better?

Our final stop will be Bangkok before heading home to Seattle. We will take a side trip to Kanchanaburi (Bridge over the River Kwai, anyone?). Other than that, we will see where the spirit leads us.