Top tips for Angkor Wat


  • Hire a guide to tour Angkor Wat. Although it is possible to tour without one, you will be missing out on so much information if you do not. I highly recommend Sam from Journeys Cambodia. Their website is; email is
  • If you are debating whether to view Angkor Wat at sunrise or sunset, go for sunrise.
  • Dress appropriately. Your knees and shoulders will need to be covered.
  • Use sun protection.
  • Protect against mosquitoes and other insects. Our doctor recommended that we take malarone to protect against malaria. We were concerned about the side effects and so chose to pre-treat our clothing with permethrin and to use copious amounts of insect repellant instead. We really didn’t see any mosquitoes but we did visit during dry season. My guess is that during rainy season you would have more issues.
  • Be prepared for excessive heat. Our tour company provided cold water and cooling cloths.
  • Wear sturdy shoes. The stairs and other surfaces at the temples are very steep and uneven. You will be doing quite a bit of climbing and walking.