Top Tips for Train Travel in Vietnam

    • Book ahead of time at
    • You will be sent a travel voucher immediately; 10-15 days before your trip, you will receive the actual ticket by email. You can either print it or show a digital copy. Personally, I feel safer having a printed copy. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned but I have also had technology fail me and so I don’t take chances.
    • Bring toilet paper. You will not regret it. In 35 hours of travel, I only found tp in the bathroom twice.
    • Only use the toilets when the train is moving
    • Try to book lower berths; the upper ones are very tough to climb up to
    • Don’t expect internet access
    • Bring plenty of snacks and water
    • Vendors will sell snack food including cup of noodles. There is a hot water dispenser in each car.
    • Enjoy the view; the scenery is spectacular!