On our final day in Prague, we headed to the Vysehrad area. It is located about 3 km from Old Town; a quick Metro ride away. The Metro is simple here. There are only three, color coded lines (A line (green), B line (yellow) and C line (red)). Fares are cheap and the ticket machines have an option for English (thank goodness!). You can pay with cash or credit card.

When you exit the Metro at the Vysehrad stop, there are signs pointing you in the correct direction. It is about a 10 minute walk to the entrance.

The Vysehrad has a large garden area, a church, and a cemetery. We had read that there were also catacombs but if so, we didn’t find them. It was a Sunday and so there were church services going on at the Saint Peter and Paul Basilica so we were not able to enter. Perhaps the catacombs were under the church.

The cemetery was fascinating. There are many famous Czechs buried there, most of whom I had never heard of – other than Antonin Dvorak. There were some really amazing gravesites here; I can only assume these people were very wealthy.

There was a tea festival going on in the grounds surrounding the church. I have not seen so many dreadlocks anywhere, ever.

As we left, hordes of people were streaming in, once again proving that it is always a good idea to arrive early!

The views of the surrounding area were spectacular.

This was a very nice place to visit. Just don’t get into the grapevines.