It’s done!

My Mediterranean/Transatlantic/Caribbean blog is now complete!  I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures, and that you will continue to tune in as we continue our travels.

My next blog posts will focus on the planning for our 2-month cruise from Rome to Hong Kong.  When we embark, I will post after visiting each port, so check back frequently!

Our upcoming adventures (so far) are as follows:

  • Rome to Hong Kong cruise, October of 2016
  • 2 week Alaska cruise on NCL Sun, May of 2017
  • 2 week British Isles Celtic Christianity Tour, October of 2017
  • 31 day South America Cruise on Emerald Princess, December of 2017
  • European train adventure of indeterminate length, May of 2018 (in the initial planning stages at this point)

Heather Griffin Phillips

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