Sea Days

Since we now have five days at sea, I am taking the opportunity to respond to comments about shipboard life.  I know some of you that are reading my blog are going to be on the Star soon, so if you have any additional questions you would like answered, please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer you!

Life on the ship

8 thoughts on “Sea Days

  1. Thanks Heather for all your information, particularly about the ship. We have never sailed ncl, we are sailing the star out of HK on the 5th Jan (depending on the outcome of this azipod issue). We may sail her later in mar from Singapore to Venice (reverse of what u have done) as it is a good price with the promo.
    How does the refund work for you on a b2b?
    Did you have the promo, it seems strange the dinner perk is only 4 dinners considering it is several cruises rolled into one?
    Look forward to reading more (hoping there will be less kids on our cruise haha)
    Regards James


  2. Hi Heather, loving your blog, has been helpful with our plans when we take the ship back.
    Did you or anyone encounter problems with mosquitoes. Sue


  3. Thank you so much for your time and effort in creating this blog. We’ll be on the Star in March from Singapore to Dubai. Learned so many “tips” from your blog.
    Is the hair dryer provided in desk drawer or one of those in bathroom with a long hose? Yikes! Again, thanks for sharing your cruise review.


    • I had read ahead of time that we would have the hose hair dryers (ugh) so was pleasantly surprised to find that we had a “real” hair dryer, but we were in a mini-suite, so that may account for the better hairdryer. You may want to post that question on the NCL board on Cruise Critic to see what others have to say.

      I am glad you enjoyed my blog! The cruise is fabulous; so much to see and learn about.


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