Chiang Rai, Thailand

We have spent nearly 6 days in Chiang Rai. Compared to Chiang Mai, it is a sleepy town; not quite as picturesque. However, it is well worth a visit simply for the places you can get to from here. Though there are wats in town, the White Temple, Blue Temple and Black House (technically, not a temple) are each spectacular and worth visiting. There is a Hill Tribe Museum to learn about the culture of the local tribes before visiting them. No trip would be complete without a trip to an elephant sanctuary. And, rather than just visit the Golden Triangle (the place where Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand all meet) with a visit to the border town of Mae Sai, why not take a tour that will take you across into Myanmar to experience a different culture?

Plenty of inexpensive and delicious places to eat abound, as do massage parlors. There is a thriving night market with an entire food court full of stalls selling all manner of local delicacies.

Next, on to Laos!

From Chiang Mai to Chaing Rai

Temples and Elephants

Akha and Yao Hill Tribe Visit and the Golden Triangle

Into Myanmar!


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