The Great Trans-Mongolian Railway Adventure!

We are already a couple of weeks into our trip from Beijing to St. Petersburg. We booked the trip with G Adventures. For the most part, we are happier with this group tour than the 2-week China tour with Gate 1. It has been an interesting experience. Internet has been pretty sparse, so this is the first chance I have had to upload anything to my blog. I am not totally caught up, but hope to be able to do so tomorrow. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and read all about it!

Back to Beijing: The Journey Begins

The Temple of Heaven

Train Day One: Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

The Border Crossing: China into Mongolia

Into Ulaanbaatar

Ger Camp

Leaving Mongolia: worst customs yet

Listvyanka and Lake Baikal

2 thoughts on “The Great Trans-Mongolian Railway Adventure!

  1. Thanks for sharing Heather. An amazing read. Not sure this is a trip we would contemplate. BTW, I see we have the same cabin as you on the NCL Spirit when you disembark in Capetown and we embark!! Hopefully its a nice one!! Sue


    • It is definitely a “once in a lifetime” trip; not an easy one for sure. We are heading to Moscow today – one more 24 hour stint on the train. The Russian trains are so much better than the Chinese. I think we would have quit the tour and flown home if the entire trip had been on a Chinese train!


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