The end of one cruise and the start of the next!

We just finished the 17-day first leg of our cruise. I am not posting about every port. We are finding that the ports we have visited before are not quite as fascinating as they were the first time. So, if you want to read about them, I am reposting links to my previous posts.

It took the entire 17 days for NCL to fix our toilet! Truly difficult to believe. We ended up with the phone number for the head of housekeeping and called him every time the toilet didn’t work (which was most of the time). I think he got so sick of hearing from me that he made sure that darned thing got taken care of! Anyhow, life on board is much more pleasant now.

We are currently in Fujairah, UAE on the second leg of the cruise. We head back to Muscat tomorrow and then head down the east coast of Africa. We just read a day ago that Reunion Island, one of our planned stops, had rioting when a Princess ship docked there. Locals threw rocks at the vans carrying passengers on their excursions. They were afraid of coronavirus being introduced onto their island. We have been hearing plenty on the news about Covid-19. The irony is that the biggest outbreak in the USA is very close to where we live. I think we would be in more danger there than here!

Our final port stops will be in South Africa, where we will spend an additional 10 days.

Here are a couple of new posts:

Muscat, Oman

Abu Dhabi, UAE

And a few old ones, from port stops on this cruise that we have visited before:

Petra, the Rose City

Muscat, Oman

Dubai City Tour

Fujairah, UAE

One thought on “The end of one cruise and the start of the next!

  1. I don’t know if I could handle three “non-toilet” days. As Senator Marco Rubio observed when he was “accused” of owning a “luxury speed boat”, “If you have to pee over the rail, it’s no luxury.”


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