Living in limbo

Do you remember a couple of days ago when I posted that I would (hopefully) not need to post again about our cruise. I spoke too soon.

Though NCL has not said anything to us yet, I read that the president of South Africa is now banning many foreigners from the country, including those of us from the US as of March 18th. Even if we could reach a port in South Africa in two days, I highly doubt that we would be allow to disembark. And, if that unlikely event did happen, NCL would have to find a way to get us out of the country immediately.

So, once again, things are completely up in the air for us. Though we certainly are not going hungry, there are shortages of many types of food. Want a salad? Hope you like cabbage! Veggies? Carrots and asparagus only. Yesterday, I only saw asparagus. We have been out of juice for a couple of weeks. The cooks are having to get creative about the dishes they are preparing, with very mixed results.

As more information becomes available, I will update my blog.



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