We Made It!

But not without a few hiccups along the way, from testing issues, to documentation “misunderstandings”. But, we are here! And we will be here for a couple of months, possibly longer if the Thai immigration officials will let us. While our friends back home are enduring cold and rain, we are enjoying beautiful sunshine, tropical fruit, and friendly local people that are thrilled to have tourists return to their country.

6 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Loving your blog 😊😊👍👍 So glad you are finally settling in. I have to say that my recent travels have left me to little uncertain about future travels!!


  2. You guys are real troopers Heather…we enjoy your blog…and wish we were there…instead of snow bound Toronto..Jeannette and Leo..


  3. Glad you made it. Sounds like you’ll have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing more about your grand adventure. We continue to stay local for our vacations.


    • Always good to hear from you, Cecilia. It’s a difficult time to travel, but for us, it was worth the hassle. There are many places in the world we would not go to right now, but we felt that Thailand was actually safer than home (not to mention, warmer and drier!).


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