It’s Getting Close!


At this point, there is very little left to do other than monitor the Cruise Critic message boards, and keep in touch with my fellow cruisers via email.  There have been a couple of minor annoyances with tour companies not responding to emails.  We have had to change companies completely in Bangkok and are wrapping up the details for that particular stop.  Two other companies were not responding to me until I sent them emails that stated that I would be taking my large groups of passengers to other companies unless they responded immediately.  Shockingly enough, they responded.  The odd thing was that both companies had been regularly responding to me previously.  It turned out that one of them was not regularly monitoring email during Ramadan; I have no idea why the other stopped responding.  Perhaps there is a new employee that is not quite as on top of communication.  Who knows?

So, for now, farewell until October! Next post (unless I think of something between now and then), Roma!

Heather Griffin Phillips

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