Viva la France

Our port today is Toulon, France.  We were supposed to dock right in port, but instead, are docked at Seyne Du Mer, which is a short ferry ride in to town.  At least we didn’t have to mess with tender tickets!

We ran into Rick and Tina at the buffet for breakfast.  We had been on a couple of excursions with them, but had not talked to them that much.  Unlike most of the people on the cruise, they are a younger couple.  Maybe I should say, younger than us  (younger being totally relative)!  They are both around 50, but have been “retired” for 8 years now, and spend 9 or so months out of the year traveling.  They worked hard, lived frugally, and invested their savings in order to be able to retire so young and travel so frequently.  We love hearing about how others live the “traveling lifestyle”, so greatly enjoyed getting to know a little more about them.  They had plans to join Sammi, a woman from Cruise Critic, for a French Riviera fjord boat excursion today.  We didn’t have any excursions planned.

We took the ferry into town, and decided to spend 7 Euros each to take the silly little tourist train around town in order to see what was there worth visiting.  It was raining this morning; the first rain (and only) rain we have had.  As we were waiting for the train to take off, guess who joined us?  Sammi!  Won’t Rick and Tina be surprised when she doesn’t show up for their excursion!

The train took us around town; it only took about 20-30 minutes.  There really wasn’t much to see. There is some WWII naval history here (there is a museum), if you are into that sort of thing. Maybe Toulon would be more interesting on a warm summer day?

We walked through the market.  There were plenty of cheap clothes, then lots of fruits and vegetables.  Clayton’s sunglasses had broken, so we found a 1 Euro store (like a dollar store), but they did not carry sunglasses.  We then found a 2 Euro store, and they DID have sunglasses!  We wandered around town a little bit more, then headed back to ship.

For the rest of the day, we relaxed out on our balcony.  Below us, the cruise line was playing horrible French music (accordion music, with occasional bad vocals).

Au revoir, Toulon!

2015-11-04 03.17.07


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