Petra and Luxor

We are cruising along the coast of Sudan, headed toward Somalia.  Tonight we enter the “HRA” or High-Risk Area which means that we will be cruising with curtains drawn and lights out.  During the day the Promenade Deck will be closed since it is considered dangerous to be visible to passing ships. Piracy is a problem in the area so we are definitely taking security measures seriously.

I am completely caught up on my reports!  Links for Petra and Luxor are below.  We will have a couple of port stops in Oman, and then will be saying goodbye to most of our friends we have met and saying hello to some new ones!

Petra, the Rose City


2 thoughts on “Petra and Luxor

  1. Great blog Heather….those cruisers owe you a huge debt of gratitude for setting up those tours…the prices you got were a huge saving over Ncl tours.

    We are doing the return cruise Dubai to Venice and I have told Hass van of 12 people max and lunch at Western restaurant. .like McDonald’s.

    You should of done 3 tombs ,strange why they only did 2….was King Tut tomb offered to visit as a extra $.

    Look forward to following along your travels.


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