Five updates!

Ah, another sea day!  I was finally able to get my pictures uploaded while driving to Petra (free wi-fi on the bus – yes!!!).  This continues to be an amazing (though exhausting) cruise.  Many of the attractions are several hours from the port, which makes for some very long days of touring.

I am adding some new port reports below; I will add in my information on Petra, Jordan and Luxor, Egypt soon.


Athens, again

The Holy Land, day 1

The Holy Land, day 2Cruising the Suez Canal; a Chance to Rest


2 thoughts on “Five updates!

  1. Man, what an amazing trip. I am so jealous. We are getting ready to leave for Dubai in 2 days, but I am getting a bit nervous. I hope your travels continue to be so exciting. See you on the 20th!


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