Alaskan Ports of Call

My major goal for this cruise was to see glaciers calving, eagles, bears and whales. Mission accomplished!

My last post was regarding glaciers; this one focuses on the cities we visited. And, I am happy to report that we saw an incredible amount of wildlife; more than on all of my previous Alaskan cruises combined!



Icy Strait Point (Hoonah)


Prince Rupert, BC

If you are interested in pictures of eagles and whales, click on the link for Icy Strait Point. There are lots of bear pictures in my Sitka post (plus a few in my post on Skagway).

Now, on to planning our next adventures! We did book a few more cruises while on board. . .

As of right now, we will be cruising Northern Europe and traveling around England and Scotland (via train) in August and September. In 2018 we are spending a few weeks in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam before heading to Hong Kong to catch a cruise to China and Japan. We will fly from Tokyo to New Orleans to catch another cruise that will take us through the Panama Canal and back home to Seattle. Finally (for now) we will embark on a back-to-back cruise that leaves from Miami (December of 2018) and goes through the Panama Canal, down the coast of South America and “around the horn”, ending up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If anyone has any suggestions of tour companies that you would recommend for any of our travels, please leave a comment or email me at

Thanks for reading about our Alaskan adventure!