Cruise, Part Deux

We are now home from our latest adventure and I am happy to say that the wonderful people at our local camera shop (Kenmore Camera) were able to recover some of the photos that were deleted. I waited until we got home until transferring any more pictures after losing pictures from multiple ports and I am glad I did – the camera shop had the same issue that I did. As soon as the transfer started, the pictures appeared to delete off of the memory card. But, the camera shop has software to recover pictures so were able to “reinstate” all of the pictures on that particular card. The other cards I had they had mixed results with. Bottom line is that I only am missing pictures from Reykjavik and the Shetland Islands. I updated my post on Newcastle-on-Tyne since I now have pictures of it; the rest of the posts are from our second cruise (European Cities).

Click on the links below for port reports/pictures. As you will see in all of the pictures, it was a wet, wet trip. I will be posting about our train trip around the U.K. soon!








Hogwarts, aka Alnwick Castle

I am sad to say that all of the pictures I took with my camera of our port stop yesterday once again got deleted upon transfer to my computer. I will not be making any further posts until I get home from our trip. I am hoping that I can successfully transfer my remaining pictures on my home computer; I am pretty sure at this point that it is the computer I am using that is the problem.

Anyhow, we visited the Northumberland area on our last port stop for this part of the cruise: Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.

Stay tuned in a few weeks for the updates on the rest of our journey!


Update: Thanks to the wonderful people at Kenmore Camera who were able to recover some (but not all) of my pictures, I will be updating this post with photos of Newcastle!