Asia Bound!

We are off on another grand adventure! Since last year when we our cruise ship broke down in Singapore and missed most of our ports on the way to Hong Kong, we have wanted to return to Asia. So, we have been planning a planes, trains and automobiles (and the occasional tuk-tuk) tour starting in Bangkok and ending in Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, we will be taking an 11-day China/Japan cruise on NCL and then spending 4 days in Tokyo before flying back to the US. Instead of flying directly home, we will be flying to New Orleans to catch another cruise. This cruise is a 21-day Panama Canal cruise that will end in Seattle. As you can imagine, quite a bit of planning has gone into this trip!

Click on the links below to read all about our experiences in Bangkok:

Getting There

Day one: getting lost in Bangkok

Day 2 and Beyond

Top Tips for Bangkok

4 thoughts on “Asia Bound!

  1. Greeting from Australia Loved reading your blog. Brought back many memories of travelling Asia. Haydn and I have just come home from a 12 day cruise of New Zealand. The Fiordland is just beautiful but you don’t see much of the country. We will be going back to do an internal fly drive in a couple of years. Meanwhile, in 3 weeks, we are going to the US to do the East Coast. A 12 day trip from New York to the Bahamas, then 7 nights in New York. We then take a 19 day coach tour up to Niagara then down the east coast to Washington, Rocky Mts, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans finishing in Orlando. Can’t wait. Any tips? Will wave to you in New Orleans as you head off on your voyage. ( What date are you there?) Linda Sent from my iPad



    • Great to hear from you! Your trip sounds fabulous! The only place I know anything about is Orlando; we actually haven’t traveled that much in our own country. My daughter is moving to the east coast in a couple of weeks so will definitely be visiting the area then. We will be in New Orleans April 6th – 8th (not nearly long enough!). You?


  2. Heather, your photos are amazing. I am glad that you are taking things a bit easy and giving yourself time to relax. Robin


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