European Rail Adventure week #7: Belgium and the Netherlands

Brussels is where we hung our hats for our time in Belgium, but we also visited a couple of other places. Belgium is a small country, so it is very easy to take day trips from Brussels. It was a bit disconcerting at first to find that there are very few places with English translations. Brussels is predominantly French-speaking, but Dutch is also commonly spoken, so signage is in both languages. If you don’t speak either language, it does complicate matters a bit!

Brussels, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

Vibrant, hip, eclectic – we’re in Rotterdam! What a change of scenery from the other European cities we’ve visited! It turns out our hotel is the “Cool District” – how cool is that?! We visited Rotterdam a year ago as part of a European Cities Cruise. Our experience here was a bit mixed, given our travel “don’t” visit to Kinderdijk, (Rotterdam), but we decided to spend a few days here as a cheaper alternative to staying in Amsterdam. The train ride in to Amsterdam is only 40 minutes and the trains run frequently, so it is easy to get into the “big” city. Rotterdam is a big city in its own right, but it is a completely different vibe than Amsterdam.



Utrecht, the Netherlands





European Rail Adventure week #6: Munich-ish

I wish I could post pictures of Munich, but though we have been here for a little over a week, we have not actually toured the city! Instead, we have used it as a hub for other adventures. The city is located about 2 hours away from other places we wanted to visit. Unfortunately, on the days that we were in Munich, we had a rainout and a sick day, so never did get to see the sights here. Obviously, we will need to come back again to explore!

Salzburg/Sound of Music Tour (sort of)

Neuschwanstein Castle

Dachau Concentration Camp

The Romantic Road

Innsbruck, Austria