A couple of port reports

I have been keeping up with writing my blog updates; too bad I can’t find reliable internet in order to post them!  I have learned that my Skyroam works great on land, but not so great on board the ship, even if  we are in port.  This creates a problem because I need my laptop in order to upload my writing and pictures and the only time I use my laptop is while on board the ship.  I have tried the ship’s internet but it is so slow that it won’t work when I try to add pictures.  And really, don’t you want to see pictures?  Also, I realized that I forgot to post a page on my previous blog post, so there is an update (Embarkation Day).

A quick disclaimer:  normally, I fact-check and spell-check before posting information I have gleaned from tours.  Since I don’t have readily accessible internet, I am unable to do so.  I apologize if I have misspelled or misheard any facts.

Sicily – the Godfather, of course!

Olympia, Birthplace of the Olympic Games

I will try to post my reports on Athens and Cyprus soon.  We just finished two very full days in Israel; I will be writing up my experiences and posting them as well.


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