European Rail Adventure, week 1

We have survived our first week! So far, so good. We arrived during a heat wave; the weather has ranged from 90 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The forecast for the next week is for more of the same. This Seattleite is having a tough time dealing with the heat! Nonetheless, we are having a wonderful time.

My intention is to update my blog weekly. We are currently in Berlin, an amazing city and will be heading to Warsaw in a couple of days. Click on the links below for what we’ve seen so far:

Flight to Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

Rüdesheim, Germany

2 thoughts on “European Rail Adventure, week 1

    • Nice! We just did almost the same thing. We first took a stunning cruise along the coast of Norway and then rented a car and drove all over Germany(the fairytale road and up the Rhine and Moselle Rivers), in the heat……just like you! It was so hot, I could not believe that hotels don’t normally have air conditioning! Oh well, we had a great time. Have fun.


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