Here a Wat, There a Wat, Everywhere a Wat, Wat!

You may wonder at the title of my post, unless you have been to Chiang Mai. It was amazing with all of the walking we did how many temples we ran across! Many are found within the old city walls, but we also randomly ran into temples on little side streets everywhere we went. It is hard to believe, but a month has passed since we arrived in Chiang Mai! If you are curious why I have not been posting much, it is because our goal for this trip was a bit different than usual – we wanted to see whether or not we would want to come back to spend our winters in the city, not to be tourists.

The month flew by! We walked all over town (the old city) and all over the outskirts of town. We averaged around 7 miles per day, always avoiding the hottest part of the day by walking in the morning and evening, when the temperature is most comfortable.

If you want to read our impressions of the city after spending a month there, click here: Impressions of Chiang Mai

And, if you want to read about the touristy things we did, here are links:

Mae Ping River Cruise 2020

Tiger Kingdom

Chiang Mai Zoo

Lanna Smile Thai Cooking School

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